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Kollington Jemine aka KJ the Brand Strategist

Founder/Executive Director, Branafrikana

I am a Seasoned Brand Strategist, New Media Consultant & Online Business Coach with over a decade of transfomative brand strategy experience.

I help thought leaders, knowledge experts, product-based entrepreneurs and corporate brands who desire to skyrocket their sales, monetize their knowledge and build a distinctive personal or corporate brand positioning and identity through developing and implementing thought-provoking and compelling brand strategies that empowers them to stand out, dominate & catapult their brands to new heights, so that they can confidently launch their personal or corporate brands, amplify their online presence, attract their ideal clients and achieve sustainable business growth with a strong and recognizable presence in their respective industries.


Branafrikana Ignite Your Brand Community isn't your typical network; it's a dynamic and tightly-knit powerhouse. Here, we unite thought leaders, industry experts, visionary entrepreneurs, and founders of forward-thinking corporate brands who share an unwavering passion for skyrocketing their sales, monetizing knowledge, and crafting unique brand identities. Through pioneering brand strategies, we arm our members with the tools to not just stand out, but lead their industries, propelling their brands to unprecedented heights.

But we're more than just strategies and success. We're about forging genuine connections and unleashing the limitless potential of the digital landscape. Our community serves as a vibrant hub where you can amplify your online presence, build authentic relationships, and nurture both personal and professional growth.

At Branafrikana Ignite Your Brand Community, we believe in transformation. We believe in achieving unparalleled success in sales, monetizing your expertise, and sculpting a brand that makes a lasting impact. Whether you're a startup trailblazer or a seasoned pro, this is your gateway to success.

Join us on this transformative journey, and together, we'll ignite your brand and illuminate the path to excellence.

With Branafrikana Ignite Your Brand Community, you're not just joining a community; you're joining a brand revolution. So come aboard, and let's set your brand's journey ablaze!

Our Vision:

To become a global network where visionaries and entrepreneurs flourish through authentic connections, unwavering support, and continuous learning that propels them to unprecedented heights in the digital landscape.

Our Aims and Objectives:

At Branafrikana Ignite Your Brand Community, our mission is to empower our members to achieve unprecedented success in the world of branding and business.

- Foster a Vibrant Community:
We aim to cultivate a vibrant and supportive community that elevates the brand strategies and achievements of our members.

- Deliver Cutting-edge Insights:
We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge insights, resources, and strategies that fuel personal and corporate brand growth.

- Cultivate Diversity and Innovation: We strive to cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment where creativity and innovation thrive.

- Inspire Positive Impact:
We are committed to inspiring our members to stand out, dominate their industries, and make a positive impact on the world.

Here's what sets us apart

Pioneering Brand Strategies

Arm yourself with the tools to lead, not just stand out.

Authentic Connections

Amplify your online presence and build genuine relationships.

Personal and Professional Growth

Nurture your potential and drive excellence.

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