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Kollington Jemine Okorodudu

Founder/Executive Director, Branafrikana

Kollington Jemine Okorodudu is the Principal Consultant at Kollington Jemine Innovations, Founder/Executive Director, Branafrikana Marketing International and Lead Coach at Branafrikana Training Hub. I am a Futurist, Social Impact Enthusiast, Online Business Coach, New Media Consultant and Brand Strategist with over 10 years of experience.

As a brand strategist, I help brands and organizations to manage their brands and projects in different regions of the world, intending to increase their strength and recognition in the markets in which it operates.

As a new media consultant, i help different categories of entrepreneurs maximize the opportunity provided by the new media space to fully automate their sales and marketing for ease of growing their businesses.

As an online business coach, i help onlinepreneurs and would be onlinepreneurs to set up and scale-up their online business and provide out-of-the-box strategies and training courses for them to effortlessly start and grow an online business.

As a social impact enthusiast, i coordinator a number of social impact projects within and outside Africa and empower social impact organizations by helping them project their impact stories, build brand awareness and inspire action that creates development and advancement and fosters result oriented leadership for such organizations around the world.

As a futurist, i work with brands and organizations by using a combination of research, statistics, imagination and intuition to make projections and predictions about the future of their brands and organizations.

These projections and predictions is centered around how their brands and organizations can evolve into becoming a global brand through mastering the business of social entreprenurship and tech innovation.

Specifically as a coach, i help aspiring and passionate social entrepreneurs and result oriented organizations to build market leading brands through mastering the business of social entrepreneurship and tech innovation, so that they can effortlessly create outstanding impact, influence and generate massive recurring income from their social entrepreneurship venture.

I am passionate about creating exceptional Ideas that solves global problems.

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